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Why buy from a Route 66 Dealer?

Every new or used RV purchased from a ROUTE 66 RV Network dealer comes with our exclusive Customer Care Promises at no charge. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that there are over 150 RV dealerships across North America ready and willing to meet your service needs.

You can rest assured that you’ll not only experience the same quality service and preferential treatment that you’ve come to expect from your home ROUTE 66 dealer, but you’ll also be treated with integrity and respect.

When you shop with a ROUTE 66 dealer, you know what to expect. In fact, ROUTE 66 member dealers are handpicked by their peers based on their reputation for Integrity, Customer Service and After-Sale Support. Only the finest dealers in the U.S. and Canada are invited to join ROUTE 66 and their commitment to serving customers and creating a great RV experience is how they retain their membership.


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