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  • Published on Feb 14, 2017
    2017 Palomino SS 550

    2017 Palomino SS 550

    Palomino Backpack has held the title as America's number one selling pop-up camper for nearly a decade now.
    They maintained that spot through innovative designs in their floor plans as well as having a far more aggressive price than their competitors.
    However that has been no reason for Palomino to become complacent.
    Palomino has done an extensive redesign on their campers to ensure that while they keep one foot in the present, they have put the other foot into the future.
    Enter the newest 2017 Palomino SS Backpack Edition.
    In this review I want to cover what has been redesigned and how that delivers an even more outstanding pop-up truck camper to our customers.
    Specifically I am going to spotlight the changes with an all new floor plan that has been introduced to the product line recently with the Palomino SS 550.

    • The single largest upgrade to the Palomino SS550 camper is the feature of an electric lift system for the roof.
      Now rather than using a crank, you raise the top with a simple push button.
      That button will engage 4 motors at each lift point that work with a precision screw drive.
      Palomino has done extensive testing on this new lift system.
      In fact in the product testing they raised and lowered the roof approximately 2500 at various angles to ensure that regardless of the camper being level or not that the lift functions reliably.
    • Also noteworthy now is that Palomino advertises in their own literature that the 2017 SS has a fully walkable roof which gives you the freedom of adding any roof storage to fit your needs.
    • Another nice upgrade is the addition of “convertible” corner jacks.
      Before with the Bronco if you wanted to add electric jacks the whole jack itself had to be replaced which was extremely costly.
      The SS Backpack Edition now has removable jack heads enabling only the top needing to be swapped out for a motor on your existing jacks.
    • The walls have also been extended up by another 7” giving folks tremendous amounts of extra head room and additional storage.
    • Continuing with the new improvements the 2017 Palomino SS truck camper also features all interior LED lighting.
    • Upgraded top grade grey gel-coat fiberglass as opposed to the older Bronco's filon fiberglass.
    • Tighter fitting canvas that is self retracting when lowering the roof and has a 5 year warranty.
    • A larger sliding front window for cab access.
    • An Internal battery box with external charge station connectors.
    • And an additional white exterior fiberglass color for more exterior options.


    The 2017 Palomino SS 550 is continuing to be one of the most popular floor plans in the product line.
    It will be the only SS for a 5.5' truck bed to feature a full residential sized (60”x80”) queen bed that is “North/South” facing making it much easier for couples to get in and out of the bed without having to climb over each other.
    It will also have an spacious 36”x84” u-shaped dinette.
    The SS 550 has a floor length of 7' putting it right in the range of the previous Bronco 800 as far as size and weight.
    However another great addition to this floor plan is the incorporation of a water heater into a smaller pop-up camper.

    The 2017 Palomino SS 550 will fit any full size half ton truck or larger and has a weight of approximately 1594lbs depending on how it's equipped.
    Palomino has held the recipe for success for the pop-up truck camper business over the years and now with the incredible new SS Backpack Edition line ensure that they will remain on top for the foreseeable future.


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