Access RV's Accelerated Equity Program

Access RV's Accelerated Equity Program

America’s Most Affordable Plan for Motorhome Ownership


Many families would love to enjoy the quality family travel a motorhome would give them, however, the high cost of ownership, risk of depreciation, time required to care for a motorhome, and prospects of owing more on the motorhome that it is worth, all keeps them from motorhome ownership.  

Access RV has developed a unique program that combines fleet buying power, with the ability to structure your ownership in a way that will qualify you for thousands of dollars in tax write offs, including the ability to buy your new motorhome exempt from sales tax. These factors make it possible to buy a new motorhome with little or no initial investment and with your good credit,  qualify you for  much lower monthly payments.  

National statistics show that the average family owned motorhome is used less than three weeks each year. With Access RV’s  Accelerated Equity Program, you can enjoy your motorhome on the weeks you have trips planned, but then sell Access RV from 4 to 12 of those unused weeks (with 4,000 to 12,000 miles) during your first year of ownership,  to use in its fleet. The Accelerated Equity Program turns your motorhome from an expense into an income generating asset so it can help pay for itself.

Why Choose The Accelerated Equity Program?

The Accelerated Equity program makes it possible for your motorhome to earn up to $12,000 in the first year on weeks your motorhome may normally be sitting idle. Best of all, that $12,000 in income will be income tax free!  Unlike other motorhome ownership programs, this program requires none of your personal time. The only time of yours that is used is when your family is enjoying your motorhome on a trip together.  

The Accelerated Equity program gives you a long list benefits that saves you time, saves you money, and will reduce your cost of ownership, such as:


  • Receive FREE year round secured RV storage

  • Your motorhome is cleaned, serviced and ready to go each time you use it.  Just sign it out and go.

  • Your basic maintenance like oil changes and tire rotations are  done at no cost to you while in the program.

  • Your motorhome is covered under our fleet insurance policy when being used by others. This coverage costs you nothing.  

  • Qualify to make your motorhome purchase SALES TAX EXEMPT!

  • Get a written $15,000 better equity guarantee for the first two years of ownership.

  • Qualify for business tax deductions from your motorhome that will save you thousands.

  • Unlike other motorhome ownership programs, with the Accelerated Equity program, none of your time is spent dealing with dealing with guests, cleaning for rental trips,  doing check in’s or check outs, scheduling repairs or maintenance, insurance verifications, dealing with collection issues,  or handling on the road questions or problems.


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Note: Access RV uses brand new retail grade motorhomes from the top national brands for it’s  Accelerated Equity program. However, these Manufacturer’s won’t permit us to advertise the brands of the motorhomes offered at the low prices we offer to protect their retail dealers. All the motorhomes mentioned are well known national brands and the motorhomes are well equipped retail grade models.

For full details on the models, prices, payments, resale values, tax savings of the models listed, or to request a detailed quote on the class of motorhome that you are listed click here. (Available in northern Utah only)

Own a new 23' class C motorhome for Zero Down and $395 per month, OAC*

Own a new 28' class C motohome for zero down and $479  per month, OAC*

Own a new 30' Class C motorhome for zero down and $495 per month, OAC

Own a new 25'' class C on a Sprinter chassis with Mercedes engine for Zero Down, OAC*

Our Sunseeker 2021 Models are similar in style and quality to the Unit found below.


*See dealer for full details on the make, model, price, rate, subsidies and payments of eligible motorhomes on the Accelerated Equity Program


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