2021 inTech Flyer Pursue


The 2021 inTech Flyer Pursue Toy Hauler is one of the lightest toy haulers on the market! This unit is designed to fit smaller dirt bikes or other equipment and can be towed with an SUV! The finish on the Flyer is impeccable and features an all aluminum frame and skin, interior wall and ceiling carpet and heavy duty woven floor.

The 2021 inTech Flyer Pursue features an innovative slide-out kitchen with AC/DC electric cooler and 2-burner cooktop, prep table, insulated sidewalls, 9,200 watt A/C with heat strip, Batwing awning, and 300 lb capacity cargo rack for your outdoor toys, and more! The Pursue has an interior floor length of 8'1” and width of 4'11” to be able to fit a full sheet of plywood or drywall, interior height of 3'9”, and weighs around 1500 lbs.

Every inTech RV is built utilizing an all-aluminum, all-tube, full-perimeter frame. Aluminum renders the lightest weight trailer possible and the all-tube construction means inTech is using only the strongest, longest-lasting materials available, designed specifically for the off-roader in mind. When shopping for your next RV make certain you get what you are paying for... almost all manufacturers use a steel sub frame that will promote rust, corrosion and potentially damaging electrolysis. On top of the steel sub-frame often there is a wood-studded sidewall and roof structure holding everything together that only a small amount of moisture can completely rot away. inTech's all-aluminum frame is designed and built to truly deliver a lifetime of satisfaction with no rot, no rust, and the strongest trailer possible!

Not only will an aluminum trailer last longer than the competition, it will also maintain value better than the rest. Flyer aluminum-framed trailers will have a better resale value if you ever decide to sell your trailer.

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